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Nickname for Shepherds Bush suburb in London - W12

Shortened by antipodeans who live in the area and used as a form of endearment for the beloved area of London that they live in. Also a tongue in cheek term coined for the area which is surrounded by the likes of Holland Park and Nottinghill.
I live in SheBu which can be reached by either the Central Line or Hammersmith and City Line.
by Becki Boo September 23, 2004
Shepherds Bush, London.

Being the cosmopolitan epicenter of South West London that it is, Shepherds Bush deserved a title befitting its extremely high class facade.
'She fell preggers to a bogan that she met at She Bu Walky'
by Missy N February 09, 2010
Alpha Male!!

Has classical traits of stength, intimidation and dominance beyond the physical by gaining power over men & women
1.)The leader of a pack/herd/etc.

2.)The dominant male.

3.)Claims sexual rights to all females
I am SHEBU!!! guys want to be me & girls wanna be with me!!
by sw33tb0y May 24, 2011
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