"Shemen," a play on the word "semen" to describe the fluid that is emitted during the elusive female ejaculation.

*This term was coined by a group of friends sitting around trying to decide what to call this particular liquid. We were quite pleased with the result.
when a man ejaculates, semen comes out; when a women ejaculates, it is called shemen
by HHgrad July 19, 2006
Top Definition
n. She Man is a transvestite who was born as a man. They are legally considered as a woman because they are taking female hormones and dress like a woman even though they still have a penis.

Some of them have breast implants and some don't. Just like real girls some are hawt and some aren't.

They considered themselves as a woman not a cross dresser and believes the guy who is dating them is a straight man.
Dude 1 (creeping at Dude 2's friend list on Facebook): Damn!! Your friend is hawt as hell!! Hook me up!!

Dude 2: You sure? She has a dick.

Dude 1: No fucking way!

Dude 2: Yea, that's a She Man.

Dude 1: I will pass...
by Delinger March 12, 2011
Chick with a dick, usually found in Thailand, also known as lady boys
Wow that chick is fine shame shes a sheman
by Davey August 31, 2003
1. A woman having distinct characteristics of a human male.
2. A lesser-known comic book heroine with masculine features.
Daammnn son! That face sure makes Kelcie fisher a She-man!
by Nick Smegma May 21, 2005
When Semen and Feces mix during anal intercourse! Semen + Shit = Shemen.
"Dude the marshmallow and chocolate dripping from your 'smore looks like shemen!"

"I pulled out of her ass after I came and my dick was covered in shemen!"
by Chris M. R. May 06, 2008
a she man is a women / man who has both a penis and vagina, also known as Josie
a she man is a women / man who has both a penis and vagina
by Josie.m May 28, 2008
1)half boy half girl
2)also a sheenizzle
as the she-man walked by the people were like WHOA!!!!!!!
by sheen March 24, 2005
Part woman, part man. Often is one of the symptoms of taking steroids.
Joe: Man, what a she-man!
Bob: What gender do you think it was born with?
Joe: I don't know...but would you look at those boobs!
by Juice J. February 06, 2009
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