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Making someone feel obliged,sorry for you or guilty so they will give you cigarettes/booze.

slowly hinting towards them offering you a beer is the key for a successfull shazaroo, commonly used expressions include "So, how many beers you got tonight?", "I could really go a beer", "I havn't had a beer in so long".

Sounding down on your self and hinting to how hard your life is can also be useful for completing teh shazaroo.

Shazarooist: "Hey Carl, sup Al? what you drinking to night?"
"really? I love those, I wish I had a beer."
(sound depressed here)

Carl: "Do you want a beer shazarooist?"

Shazarooist: "thanks Carl"

Al: "Carl you just got shazarooed!"

by Maunik January 24, 2008
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