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Non-derogatory version of "FUCK" or "SHIT"

In general, an exclamation of displeasement. Started on Mork and Mindy show, continued through Tribes and its various children (Tribes Aerial Assault, Tribes 2)
"SHAZBOT, get the Jericho over here now before I go LMNOPRAM on your ass!!!"
by TittayMastar May 26, 2003
Generally used as a substitute curse-word; a euphemism.

From Mork & Mindy, but it has reappeared throughout pop culture over the years. For example, it has been used by the aliens in the Simpsons (dating to at least 1995, before "Tribes" - see www.snpp.com/episodes/3F04.html).
Oh, Shazbot, I just locked my keys in my car!
by Simpsonesque June 18, 2003
A curse word of the future well known among all the tribes of mechanized space warriors.
Example 1:Used when surrounded by three heavy armor class enemies and out of ammo... SHAZBOT!

Example 2: Spending 15 minutes trying to sneak into the enemy base only to step on a landmine in front of their generator... SHAZBOT!
by 4lpha$niper November 21, 2003
from Mork & Mindy and later, the popular computer game series "Tribes" (Probably influenced by "shit") Also used by Comic Book Guy in The Simpsons, and by the Ctrl+Alt+Del web-comic character Ethan.
"Oh shazbot, that was a nice shot!"
by scarmardo December 13, 2006
Modified version of the shocker with the addition of the ring finger.
She got the Shazbot last night, two in the pink and two in the stink!
by Goooooglebob December 28, 2011
Similar to saying "fuck" or "shit" only common folk do not derive such a meaning. Perfect use for public places in which cursing is frowned upon, or in a setting in which common words like "fuck" or "shit" are overused.
"Fucking shazbot! You could have told me you had AIDS before I rammed it in your ass like a rhino!"
by Dr. Judge Laxidazical April 05, 2006
a synonym for shit.
shazbot, i spilled my coffee!
by Anna & Sam February 23, 2007