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3 definitions by Bongobat

A lisaism or secret word that is used in a sentence to denote the speaker is superior and belongs to a secret lisatistic society. It is an inflamitory term if used by those that are not a part of the lisatistic order or who are lisatistic but have been banned to utter it by the lisatistic architect.
The great one banned me from using the words.

-Which words?

Stupid Florapope

-You can not say that! You will burn in hell.

by Bongobat October 31, 2007
15 5
A phrase that is meant to be a joke but taken seriously by the uneducated.
My dad is dead. No seriously he is dead. He died this morning. No he is alive stupid.
by bongobat October 10, 2007
9 11
A Robot that resided on the planet Ork, near the eggway. It spews Shaz (acid) onto innocent travelers. Also used as an insult akin to bitch or jackass.
Traffic was so bad today I had to drive my egg past the shazbot.

Shazbot! Gimme my money

by Bongobat October 17, 2007
33 121