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A girl whom you desire or would like to holla at. Beautiful girl you see and try to talk to.
"Shawtay!"- often spoken by the likes of T-Pain and others.

"Ay Shawtay, Whats your name?"
by C Biz March 06, 2009
The only thing people who use autotune say in their songs.
T-Pain "Shawtay"
by Penn Sullivan November 27, 2009
shawtay... possibly the greatest word in the world.
It can replace any word, in any song, and can be used as a noun, adjective, or even ANYTHING!
shawtay!!!! yeayeyayeyayayyyyy

this word is closely tied to the religion shawtayism, which you can join the group on facebook
hey shawtay, how ya been?

enemy SHAWTAYS online

a shawtay and an old man walk into a bar

one shawtay + 2 shawtay = TREE shawtay
by Eamon da Shawtay December 06, 2009