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A girl whom you desire or would like to holla at. Beautiful girl you see and try to talk to.
"Shawtay!"- often spoken by the likes of T-Pain and others.

"Ay Shawtay, Whats your name?"
by C Biz March 06, 2009
66 25
The only thing people who use autotune say in their songs.
T-Pain "Shawtay"
by Penn Sullivan November 27, 2009
34 10
shawtay... possibly the greatest word in the world.
It can replace any word, in any song, and can be used as a noun, adjective, or even ANYTHING!
shawtay!!!! yeayeyayeyayayyyyy

this word is closely tied to the religion shawtayism, which you can join the group on facebook
hey shawtay, how ya been?

enemy SHAWTAYS online

a shawtay and an old man walk into a bar

one shawtay + 2 shawtay = TREE shawtay
by Eamon da Shawtay December 06, 2009
30 25