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When an expatriot showbusiness personality goes insane due to an inablility to cope with the strong and unique American culture they are thrust into via fame. Precursors are, freakishly odd quotes in interviews and outlandish behaviour in public.

Examples are William Shatner, Bono, Corey Haim, Mel Gibson, Margo Kidder, and Howie Mandel.

Coco "Did you watch the Two Coreys last night?"

Terrance "No, I hate shows about washed up celebrities. Why?"

Coco "Because Corey Haim totally Shatnered"
by adelews August 23, 2007
When a situation completely changes tone from reverent to mildly absurd.

Example: When the 2010 Winter Olympics closing ceremony went from the moving extinguishing of the Olympic flame to the tune of Neil Young's "Long May You Run" to William Shatner discussing the hazards of having sex in a canoe.
"Did you see the closing ceremony? It was great, but then it totally got Shatnered."
by elbob1023 February 28, 2010
verb- To shatner. To bring about epic levels of pure eclectic awesomeness.
My weekend just got shatnered
by Brokkr The Irishman January 14, 2012
When a person who was previously attractive and in shape or not so attractive or in such great shape changes in appearance and looks bloated and washed up.
I was watching Boston Legal the other day. Man, have you seen James Spader recently? He's really Shatnered.
by Magpie4495 July 22, 2010
When you are so tired that you become convinced that William Shatner is a comic genius and start exhibiting Shatner behaviour known as "Shatner Moments"
"Manio, I'm a Shatnered Little Red Panda! I want to release a snuff horror film starring death row convicts with a soundtrack performed by sedated and lobotomised paedophile priests
by Dr. Benito Bunfster III jr. July 15, 2010
New slang for "disrespect" (common current slang is "dis").
I saw William Shatner at a comedy club in Chicago and asked for his autograph. He rudely refused more than once--I was "Shatnered". (this is the origin)
Leonard told Scotty his breath smelled like a rotten hemmoroid. He really "Shatnered him!
by Judi Malnar March 04, 2005
shit yourself while farting
dude just shatnered! damn he needs to change his boxers!
by william shatnered December 29, 2010
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