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New adaptation of "bah hum bug"., but relating to young Black urbanites.
"Tanks alot fo da nuffin you gayme...Merr "Dis Mass", EboNeeger Scrooge..Bah HOME bug!
by Judi Malnar March 04, 2005
When one knowingly "disses" you on Christmas.
Yo, thanx alot fo yo No Gift, Uncle EboNEEEGER Scrooge...Merry Dis Mass, and Bah HOME Bug to you!
by Judi Malnar March 04, 2005
Black skinflint(cheap skate), who gives nothing and doesn't celibrate Christmas (see "Merry Dis Mass).
Yo Brutha, yo sho got me nuttin fo dis occasion...tanks EboNeeger!
by Judi Malnar March 04, 2005
New slang for "disrespect" (common current slang is "dis").
I saw William Shatner at a comedy club in Chicago and asked for his autograph. He rudely refused more than once--I was "Shatnered". (this is the origin)
Leonard told Scotty his breath smelled like a rotten hemmoroid. He really "Shatnered him!
by Judi Malnar March 04, 2005
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