defecating on a girl so hard it enters an orifice
That Millicent made me cum so hard I shatner! Square in the box!
by CrissyLynne June 05, 2010
the act of having placed a fecal turd in an oriface of a female.

also see spacedocking and captain kirk
William Shatner after she came before he did. This big bang ended in a nebula that entered her black hole which caused a time warp and a rift in the cuntinuum and unfortunately

2 days later she gave birth to a son and a klingon and named them both james brown
by kappin klingon sir maam May 14, 2008
to literally shit inside a woman
i never even touched her
by puppet April 01, 2005
A euphimism for the "s" word (shit)
The locker room hasn't been cleaned for so long, it smells like shatner!
by TROGDOR! April 09, 2003
A hypothetical deity or saint responsible for interpolating lesbian love scenes into art, foreign, and / or independent film. Usually Shatner is invoked by male spectators during a long, boring spell in a film featuring beautiful women.
Our prayers to Shatner were all for naught , for though it was intimated several times, Liv and Bibbi never got it on in Persona.
by condour August 05, 2003
Verb: The act of sticking one's --preferably large-- ass in the face of another.
I was totally shatnered this morning when the woman in front of me bent over to pick up her wallet.
by Natasha July 16, 2003
1.A person who overacts. 2.A person that pulls off lame stunts for attention. 3.A state of being like a washed out celebrity who never goes away. 4.A state of being a really shitty personality from Canada. 5.One who takes a shat near things.
"Look at that asshat over there. What a Shatner!"

"That man shat ne'r that tree off yonder."
by yukoncornelius April 08, 2003
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