The act of receiving oral sex while taking a shit. May or may not involve a toilet.
Bill phones Leonard:
Leonard: Hello
Bill: What's up?
Leonard: I'll have to call you back, I'm in the middle of a Shatner.

Bill: Enough said. Enjoy!
by Admiral6996 March 31, 2014
verb: the act of pushing or elbowing someone out of the way in order to get a better view of yourself in a mirror (or to hog a camera shot).
"Quit trying to shatner the mirror - I'm trying to shave here!".
by Galidia February 26, 2011
taking a dump or having to take a dump. derives from the actor William Shatner
person 1: dude that beast burritos really getting to me.

person 2: yeah me too man... i'll be back, i gotta go take a shatner
by jorgie LIONHEART August 19, 2009
Redneck Trekkie way of saying they almost shit their pants
Damn!!, Shatner in my britches waitin' in line at the star trek convention. Git-R-Done
by spazz_monkey April 07, 2009
To take a crap. Like Williams career in the crapper.
I gotta take a fat Shatner!
by AzNtrash August 10, 2009
noun - slang, related to verb shat. Used to refer to an act of shatting.
Josh: Did you hear that Dean sharted while taking a leak at the urinal?

Chris: Really? I can't believe he pulled a shatner.
by CMoebius October 31, 2008
Term used in the acting community to describe a bad performance or delivery. aka. When your acting is metaphorically equivalent to a steaming pile of shit.
"John Travolta took a long hard Shatner throughout the entire duration of Battlefield Earth"
by Kris Perry March 27, 2007

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