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Someone who is addicted to inhalants. Usually involves a rag soaked with some dangerous chemical and placed in a paper bag to be inhaled. Spray paint is commonly used. Metallic spray paint gives the best results.
"Look at that zombie motherfucker over there with paint on his face. Must be a low-life huffer."
by yukoncornelius April 09, 2003
1. To describe two consenting women involved in the bumping of uglies. 2. Agressive vagina on vagina sex (twat knocking). 3. Slapping or smacking the vagina (twat knock).

"Damn... Those twat knockers look pretty bruised up."

"My tongue needs a rest. How about a twat knock?"
by yukoncornelius April 09, 2003
That feeling of accomplishment and relief following a really big dump.
"On the Pleasure Pyramid, shatisfaction falls somewhere between getting a really sticky booger off your finger, and an orgasm."
by yukoncornelius April 09, 2003
1. Using the hands to beat the shit out of and pin down a cock. 2. A legal choke hold maneuver.
"I can't come over right now... I'm arm wrestling the one eyed purple headed champion."
by yukoncornelius April 09, 2003
I nice, full, juggly set of titties.
Her blouse clowns are like two puppies fighting under a blanket.
by yukoncornelius April 08, 2003
1. A person who is a walking enigma. 2. Someone whose ignorance causes awe in others. 3. A supreme being that causes all stupidity in Life.
"Huell Howser is the Anti-Quo."
by yukoncornelius April 09, 2003
1.Giving a woman the high, hard one until she passes out. 2. A woman too drunk or stoned to fuck.
"Yeah, she showed up acting all tough. But by the end of the night, she was a burnt betty."

"My wife pulled a burnt betty on me last night."
by yukoncornelius April 09, 2003
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