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This man is a paragon of indomitable manliness. Just the sound of his name is enough to impregnant a woman. There are many legends of his sexual conquests, which have been documented in the famous Indian script, the Kama Sutra. Some say he even invented sexual intercourse. His badass exploits have been featured in movies and books such as, The Lord of the Rings, Fight Club, The Bible, Rambo, and many more. His addiction to cocaine in the the 80s was even featured in the film about his Miami Vice days, Scarface. He didn't die at the end though, the world would simply implode from the lack of his existence. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the begining and the end. Some would even compare him to Jesus, but Jesus has mercy, this man does not.
Ever read the Bible? yeah that's about Sharkey
by Thaoriginaljew May 12, 2011
To sharkey is to mix by pouring two or more elements (usually of an alcoholic nature) back and forth between two cups, resulting in a homogeneous mixture throughout. The most common drinks to sharkey are the rum & Coke and the ginger ale & whiskey.
If you don't sharkey that drink, you're just going to get Coke on top and rum at the bottom.
by xcpals4lyfe September 12, 2011
(n) A term denoting one who is a frequent victim of misfortune. Also uses terms such as "bah" and more frequently "doh" when being clumsy in mind and/or body.
John: Look at that guy who slipped on the ice and hurt his knee.
Greg: Must be a Sharkey.
by pseudonym February 21, 2005
Is a person who packs small lips
Yo you see that kid packin one pouch.
Yea what a Sharkey
by jvred7 February 25, 2010
a fag a loser someone who gets no girls and lies about girls he hooks up with they usually have sisters that are sluts
Sharkey has a man ji na
by Kyren Poe hamilton June 21, 2010
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