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Pronounced "Sharpie" but with no p. The name for an amazing, smart, funny, beautiful, hardworking, and outgoing girl. Someone who is easy to talk to, cares about others. Is super good at explaining things to people. She can be a little spiratic but only in a good way. She brings positive vibes, and bright smiles to anyone in proximity. Typically there is only one every 1000 years or so.
Hey Max! How was your date last night?

Dude you have no idea, she was a Shari!!
by Maxamus1234 December 29, 2013
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hot woman, great in bed, will wow you with her personality, amazingly gifted in all areas, men can never say no, women are jealous, amazingly good kisser, just great overall
Shari is a great person
Everyone should feel blessed to know her
by penguinprincess2 February 02, 2010
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a person who is amazing great personality cute nad outgoing and usually matches up with a Mike
hey shari
i love shari
your fun to hang out with shari
by bustayo October 10, 2009
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Someone who is so sweet and mild tempered that even if you'd want to fight with her you couldn't. Still these two facts make it an adventure to make her a bit mad. It's the most beautiful thing to watch her getting a bit annoyed with you.The only person who you can discuss anything (!) with without getting to a final solution or without getting smarter and smarter by learning from her arguments.A girl who always knows the best music first, before it gets all mainstream. You should check out her iTunes every now and then to keep up with the newest and coolest music.
The best friend one can have and a friend for life. Everyone should have a Sharifa and they would never be alone again.
Klara: Hey do you know any cool new music?
Alina: You should ask a Sharifa. She's got it for sure.

Loner: I wish I had a Sharifa.

Person A: God I'm so mad I could go kill someone!
Person B: Dude you should be more of a Sharifa, calm down!

Alina: Do you think...?
Klara: Man you should ask a Sharifa. You two will discuss for hours about this. And you'll be a lot cleverer in the end.
by <3alib July 01, 2011
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In the early 1990s young people used to place cherries in their armpits and do a dance known as the 'Mukalukaclukasukah' and in the process the cherrie would be smashed and the person performing a Shari would have a spiritual vision that would last for minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and sometimes a whole year. Some claim to have witnessed a black Jesus Christ in ninja atire. Sometimes an Emo-Buddha, or an anime character claiming to be Allah. And a few times some saw the hindu god Visnu and Siva pretending to be Al Gore and President Clinton. Of course, the Shari isn't practiced that much anymore, most of the people who practiced Shari were kidnapped by the goverment and placed on secret islands near the bermuda triangle.
That was one AWESOME 'Shari', crackah!
by Bill Bob Jackson Joe April 10, 2005
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Large flat clearing of land. Also refers to the dead wood on the trunk of a bonsai.
We let our sheep graze in the shari
The shari is running up the trunk from the roots of that bonsai...
by wormsse November 02, 2010
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A young fellow that marries at a young age. Usually lives in the Caribbean.
Also a small strip club in the south of France.
"I saw your friend at Shari last night. It was awkward."
"Oh. I was there too."
by Friendaline June 19, 2013
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