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a young beautiful girl who is always by your side. will never let you down no matter what. finds certain people annoying. and loves dance. when she is with her best friend, they are the most craziest people ever. but they are really down to earth. not afraid to speak her mind. she's a charmer. a bit emotional when it comes to friendship. an independent girl who will be successful in the future. she may not be the most prettiest but she has the best personality ever.
i would love to be shardys friend, she's always there for you, her best friend must be so lucky.
by jessie cognat December 13, 2014
shady shitty uncool and not something desired

"That fucker gave me a shardy bike"

"You're ripping me off!!! I won't take a shardy deal"
by Angelik July 30, 2008
Someone who is desirable in every aspect, both physical features and personality; rejected at times by those who are unable to handle such magnitude of awesome.
OMG that chick looks hella Shardy!
by Merkyluv July 30, 2012
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