To get stalked and harrassed single white female style on BBM, text, IM, g-chat, email, phone call, etc, with all salutations ending in an "xo" with incorrect grammar
Sally: I just got 6 texts and a missed call from the same person
Carrie: Were the words "youre" and "too" used incorrectly?
Sally: Yes
Carrie: You just got shapped!
#stalked #harrassed #annoyed #bombarded #creeped out
by AJ26 March 14, 2011
Top Definition
Getting absolutely and utterly smashed by an indecent consumption of alcohol.
Last night we got so shapped
#drunk #smashed #pissed #mortal #munt
by Bryan12345 May 09, 2014
Being absolutely shattered in desperate need of a nap!
'ah mate, im shapped!'
#shattered #knackered #feelingcrap #exhausted #pooped
by katy splodger July 13, 2008
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