A fun exciting drunk drug addict that will steal anything that is not bolted down, unless she has a spanner - then that is up for grabs as well. That swears like a Cockney sailor with tourette syndrome but she is the most lovable person in the world.
I was so Shanthi drunk last night I woke up the next day with 4 ash-trays, 54 funny blue stone and a Ronald McDonald statue.
by footrot September 26, 2010
1- a person who makes smart people stupid.
2- a person everybody hates, even her office mates.
3- a person who's sweat rings are as big as a triple G cup!
4- a person who mispronounces every word in the english dictionary!
girl 1 "look at the sweat on her! ewww, how revolting! i talked to her yesterday, didnt understand a word...."
girl 2 "i know, she's definitely pulling a shanthi!"
*both laugh uncontrollably*
by ketchup lover March 26, 2009

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