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An extremly rough place in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
"Don't pick a fight with him, hes from the Shankill!"
by Chuck Bullet April 13, 2004
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A rough neighbourhood in West Belfast Ireland filled with alot of paramilitary members and murals dedicated to terrorism
"Did you see that new UFF mural up the shankill it's scary looking"

"Don't mess with him he's from the Shankill"
by Harry69 June 29, 2009
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an absolute fucking shit hole in west belfast ireland. the people are scum. a bunch of dole scrounging mother fuckers that has the highest reported drug use and rat infested houses in ireland. they are the crux of hand out begging loyalist trash. even normal prods hate them.
look at the houses on the shankill 30 grand for a 3 up 2 down.
by da original playa June 04, 2006
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Small urban village in South Dublin, just before Bray.

Rough area but very down to earth people.
Also known as Da Shank
"I love Shankill!"
"Go'wannn Da Shank!!!!"
by Shankill Brick October 18, 2011
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Village in South County Dublin, before reaching Bray. filling up of foreigners now, not many locals left, as they have all left
Shankill, A place where local people leave
by shankillwanderer February 08, 2010
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