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the best thing to come out of canada since, erm ahh ahem well anyway something for canadalavians to be proud of. still an actor watched more times by more people than tom cruise or arnie simply because of start trek which still rocks after 40 years.
william shatner got picked to sing the national anthem over celine dion.
oh can--a--da our home and native la-haha-and
by da original playa June 02, 2006
"street name" for latino songstress and actress jennifer lopez. but dont be confused by the rocks that she got shes still jenny from the block. in other words a fuckin talentless slag with nice tits and a big ass who talks latino style through her nose when it suits her. the rest of the time shes throwing vases or tantrums at her asslicks and demanding the hotel she staying at be uprooted and turned. also known for suckin off a crap record producer whos so not! street, sean piff diddly wank. and for blowin the worlds crapest actor mr im so wooden im like pinnochio, "ben affleck" who in turn makes keanu reeves look like a trained RADA actor.
see that crack ho, shes so j lo blowin for crack and apple crumble
by da original playa May 28, 2006
a small dreary south east english town in essex that is surpringly catholic. it has what the locals call a river! the chelmer, not a river as such more like a trickle of piss.it is a very clean town however and the people couldnt care less. when the british media is bored or run out of zenophopic crap to say about france they normally turn on essex which is all bullshit. essex is not full of slags white vans or chavs it has the best chippies in the world and the best fish i have ever tasted and im irish!. the park is absolutley glorious and very well looked after, the town is a bit too flowery for normal tastes but at least its not a grey tower block estate. and it has had the hottest weather i have ever seen 96 degrees plus. the bars are cool and very safe and the people are nice but the drink is stinkin.
wanna go to chelmsford for a holiday?
na mate, its shite theres fuck all in it.
by da original playa June 04, 2006
a show starting 10 years before a small bearded rip off merchant took japanese films and transported them into the past in another galaxy far far away. the progenitor of every science fiction space battle type film. the best god damn mofo tv program on earth, watched by more people over the years than wannabee java sipping yuppies who think "friends" is funny and based on real life.
(klingon to cardasian) today is a good day to die.
(cardasian to klingon) fuck that star trek is on.
by da original playa May 28, 2006
fondly called the "maiden city" its the north of irelands second city. the people are nice enough, well the ones that matter anyway. some nasty people live there as well see the apprentice boys. its got a good gaelic football side.being from derry is the closest thing to being a culchie without leaving the city.
hey enda,hey you derry boy!, wud ye put down that fackin sheep
by da original playa June 02, 2006
an absolute fucking shit hole in west belfast ireland. the people are scum. a bunch of dole scrounging mother fuckers that has the highest reported drug use and rat infested houses in ireland. they are the crux of hand out begging loyalist trash. even normal prods hate them.
look at the houses on the shankill 30 grand for a 3 up 2 down.
by da original playa June 04, 2006
a bunch of lame ass dick wads who think dressing in torn clothes is trendy. strated out as anti-establishment but now a name for various modern rock bands who make shit loads of money and drive big cars.
see that punk?. which one the preppy punk, the skater punk,the gay punk,oh rite that punk the one sniffing the glue. that is so 1970's
by da original playa June 02, 2006

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