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When you meet someone that doesn't give you their real name, and instead calls themselves "Black", befriends you only to turn around down the road to break into your house/apartment to steal your shit.
"Yo, Dan, last Friday I got blacked!"
"You know that guy that smoked me out and shit?... he stole my fuckin' XBOX360!"
by Miyamotorofl March 05, 2008
When a white-bread female raised in a middle or upper class home gets tricked by a smooth-taking Brotha into being a black dudes girlfriend and sex partner.
Hahaha, that rich naive white girl got Blacked by DeShawn and she doesn't even know that she's never going to be the same, hahaha!!!
by CoastalCrib January 19, 2015
The act of getting beat up and then robbed by a black guy.
Person 1: Dude what happened?!?!?

Person 2: I was walking through the hood and then a black guy came running up to me and punched me right in face. I woke up later and realized that my wallet was missing!

Person 1: OMG! Dude you just got Blacked!
by That BG May 20, 2010
Blacked or black is the word to describe an unbearable fart, shart, or shit.
For example..
Damnnnn cuz that nigga smell like he just blacked!
My buddy joe blacked his pants last night, the place smelled horrible for hours!
Damn jim look at the spot on that niggas pants, you think he blacked himself?
by Lifted f-1fiddy February 24, 2015
to go insane, crazy. Driving Miss Daisy...out her f*cking mind. Wilding out.
Dude straight blacked on that waitress for real.
by LJTheGirl April 23, 2015
1) n. getting so incredibly wasted that you don't remember shit; short for "blacked out"; can lead to crazy unknown activities such as passing out on curbs/random girl's beds,peeing off stairwells,in shoes, or on beds, or booting on computer disk drives or comforters; a regular occurrence at bucknell
1) Damn, how the fuck did I get here...wait, this isn't my room..I must have been fucking blacked last night.
2) After getting blacked the night before, he woke up to a soaked bed and a computer covered in boot.
3) After 18 games of ruit, he was so blacked that I passed out with his pants down while making nachos.
by snax July 09, 2004
Basically the same as RickRolling but with Rebecca Black's "Friday"
Girl: "I just want it to be Saturday!"
Guy: "NO! It's Friday, Friday. Gonna get down on Friday!"
Girl: No!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guy: You've just been Blacked!
by supersmah April 14, 2011
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