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To use shampoo on your pubic hair. Usually more effective than soap alone.
Randy felt quite rejuvenated because he had shampubed during his morning shower.
by MikeMacE January 15, 2009
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The act or action of shampooing one's pubes.
I think I'll shampube in the shower tonight.
by Frank :D November 27, 2008
Verb: to wash or bathe your pubic hair with shampoo.
Tim: Yo, man, I heard that she shampubes. I don't think I'd trust it.

Jon: Hell yea, so do I. I like keeping things fresh. I shampube everytime I shower.

*awkward silence*

Tim: Oh.
by adamadeus December 21, 2009
The act of wasing one's hair (on one's noggin), and applying the leftover shampoos to one's pubic hair. May sometimes be carried out for masturbational purpose rather than for hygienic one. Believed to be carried out often by a Jacob, and possibly by a Thomas.
Mum: What the hell were you doing in the bathroom for the last 30minutes!!??
Jacob: What the hell mum, I needed to shampube.
by HAHAboiii November 05, 2009
When you wash your hair (with shampoo) and the shampoo has gone down your body and gathered up in your pubic hair. Sometimes you will notice when you have gotten out of the shower, meaning you have to get back in to rinse your pubes.
(from outside the bathroom)
"Why've you turned the shower back on?"

(from inside the bathroom)
"I got out and looked down- turned out I had shampubes."
by Ten Inch Stew February 19, 2014
the act of shampooing ones pubic hair
Bro 1: dude i totes need to shampube before my big date
Bro 2: TMI bro, TMI
by BigDaveyP July 04, 2014
A special bottle of shampoo that is used for your pubic hair.
Boy: Dad I need some more shampube
Man: I just bought you some last week!
by Guid-Master April 30, 2012

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