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To indulge in alcoholic consumption the following day/night after getting completely shitfaced the night before. Usually it's easier to get drunk that next night.
Kate and Lauren are shampooing in the fratmosphere again tonight!
#fratmosphere #fropping #shitfaced #drunk #hangover
by Fropaholic June 23, 2009
Sham-pooing, Verb: The act of lathering your scalp whilst taking a wild poo.

Also a reference to a homeless person (sham) who is dirty and never showers. The irony!
I took a massive sham-poo the other day it was breath taking, like having a water birth, including full dilation and crowning.

I can't believe I'd never tried sham-pooing before!
#shit #shower #shower shit #sham-poo #shampooing
by papashivo April 17, 2009
Engaging in sex while shampooing your partner then Mid-coitus, one person bites the neck of the other, locks their arms and legs down and goes into a deathroll, all while maintaining insertion. Upon completion the man finishes in the womans ear and then proceeds to mushroom slap the woman being sure to leave a print.
I heard Candi and that Tranny Lizzie shampooing last night, and I saw the print to prove it! I'm gonna have nightmares for weeks...
#shampoo #shampooing #fuck #candi #lizzie
by Alejandro Reyes August 12, 2011
The act in of getting off while shampooing someone elses hair. a very clean fetish.
"we just kept it clean last night and stuck to a little sham-pooing"
#fetsih #clean #sex #masterbating #shampooing
by SiNister PiGeon December 20, 2009
getting carried away having 'fun' in the shower by your self
sorry i was soo long i was busy shampooing
#shampooing #fun #shampoo #sex #carried
by Prosititue user November 18, 2009
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