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Getting both really drunk and really high, simultaneously.
"I was so drunk and high, that I made up the word shamboozled."
"After the bar we were wasted, then we went back home and smoked a joint and got completely shamboozled."
by DB, Beej July 11, 2008
When someone is tricked, fooled, conned or swindled. This is an amplification of the act of being shammed.
That crack head sham-boozled me for $98.
by DonGesù. Gesù vi ama, e così September 23, 2009
To be totally intoxicated with alcoholic liquor to the point of no return.
Did you see Nicole last night, she was really Shamboozled!
by WMM July 16, 2010
Physically: Niggered
Mentally: Mind Fucked
Everything that has ever happened, had to happen for this moment right here to happen.

You just got SHAMBOOZLED!
by Teens who got Shamboozled May 26, 2012
Anyone who catches a card on the river to win a poker hand.
"You shamboozled me on the river!"
by vinnie favorito August 28, 2008
Going out with buddies and getting shitfaced.
Last night was nuts, I got shamboozled.
by trailblazin02 April 29, 2008
Getting yourself into a bad situation without even realizing it has happened.
She shamboozled me into cheating on my girlfriend.
The marines shamboozled me into meeting with them, and I didn't even know I told them I wanted to talk.
by Eric, TJ January 02, 2008

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