To kick or knee in the balls for something before the person your doing it to has time to respond!
I wanted jack's MP3 player really bad, so i said,"hey jack i'll shamboozle you for your MP3". After I did he was really pissed off and in pain.
by max eisenberg March 02, 2005
the act of being bamboozled by shambo.

the alias of greg shambo.
damn!!! greg asked me to go check up stairs and when i came back he was gone with all the alcohol. i've been shamboozled
by shamboozle60 December 07, 2008
To surprise dick-pic someone. To send a picture of a dick that is disguised in some way so the receiver does not know that they are about to stare directly at a penis.
I sent Bridget an email about some new boots I want with a picture attached, little did she know..the picture was of a giant dick...she just got shamboozled!
by Shamboozler November 23, 2010

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