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One who hails from Nebraska, and follows the mighty Nebraska football team.

"I'm a Husker fan forever!"
by HH October 22, 2003
Big, Large.
That car cost's boo coo bucks!
by hh November 19, 2003
what's up
Shabat Shalom Motherfucker
by HH December 12, 2003
A state of extremely violent disorder or riotous confusion in a place or situation of noisy uproar and confusion; havoc. Generally associated with activities in Vegas.
Bill gave the hostess at the 9's a shocker as I punched him in the face.
by HH April 01, 2003
A widdle asian girl from CMU
Well there's only one. No need for an example.
by HH March 29, 2004
Oshin is a wonderful guy from Australia who is a great Basketball player and who is in love with a beautiful, exotic, and unique girl.
Oshin : Where is my Vochkharrrrrrrrrrrrr?
by HH April 07, 2005
by hh August 05, 2003

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