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In Hinduism Shakti is defined as (1) Power (2) Absolute Power and (3) Power of the Goddess. In rare instances when a Hindu Order gives someone a "Hindu name" and the first name is Shakti, the Shakti doubles as a noun meaning: "The Power Of".
Shakti as a noun: A cheetah has the Shakti (power) of speed. An bird has the Shakti (power) or flight.

Shakti as a name: A perfect example is the Hindu Satuguru Shakti Ganapati Subramanian. His name would translate to:

(1) Power of the Goddess

(2) Power of Ganapati aka Ganesha who removes obstacles on the spiritual path

(3) Power of Subramanian who bestows knowledge through lively debate
by Shaktibud February 03, 2010
Sexual energy. Shakti is a word new age hippies use because they're too politically correct to just say they're horny.
When I look at you with your dreadlocks and smell your patchouli I feel Shakti energy.
by jacaranda May 03, 2007
A beautiful loving and caring girl (usually blond)and a very good friend who you can trust
Look she's such a shakti
by Alexis from Texas March 31, 2015
The reverse of the shocker. Is achieved by putting two in the stink and one in the pink.
Instead of the shocker, my girlfriend decided to change things up a bit, and let me give her the shakti.
by his grace May 24, 2008
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