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1. Invoking the spiritual power of Kali, the Hindu goddess of creation, preservation, destruction, fear and death. It is referred to a quote in the movie "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom".

2. A common formula to repel mosquitoes.
"Kali Ma Shakti de"

1. Doesn't work.

2. Works quite well. Always better when used with karate moves. Please try it and report to us.
by n00light August 20, 2006
Is said of someone who has the IQ of an oyster.

Intelligence Quotient Scale:
50-69 : Moron
30-49 : Imbecile
10-29 : Idiot
2-9 : Retarded dumbass, or shithead
1 : Mentally ruined
Jack : hey George, is it you who gave my sleeping pills to the red fish ?
George : ...
Jack : Speak ! Say something !
George : gnaaaaaaa ... poop !!! Hahahahaha !
Jack : he's mentally ruined.
by n00light August 20, 2006

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