Medical terminology for "fever and chills", often associated with Amphotericin administration.
Patient X had a systemic fungal infection. After he started a course of Amphotericin, it was nothing but shake and bake with him/her.
by The Professional January 27, 2005
to shake the sheets up and then get high
(to have sex then smoke weed)
hey baby lets go shake and bake
by kate51351361 March 06, 2007
To exercise as soon as you wake up in the morning, immediately followed by a satisfying bowl of your dankest weed. Hence, "Shaking" and "Baking"
I did a lil shake and bake this morning, never felt so relieved in my life.
by Toastito September 20, 2008
In an odd mood or moment. the feeling one gets after being caught in doing something they have no buinsness doing.
I walked in and her arms and legs told me she was in shake and bake
by Sun Rhythms October 14, 2004
Verb] When one player in any game gets put on a different team than their friends. They then betray their team as much as possible by (in videogames) killing them or (in real life) giving away information in games like Hide n Go seek, or holding them down in Dogeball.
((Playing Videogames))
Alex: Damn! I got put on blue team!!!
Johnothan: Dude Shake and Bake!
Alex: Hahaha sounds good.
by kiD_nogarD October 28, 2007
it's a dance sensation. It's mostly done to raucous hip-hop or r&b, but to be true to form, it's really appropriate for any music.

The Shake and Bake is executed by sticking your derriere (your BEhind) waaaaaay out. Like really out there. almost like you are about to sit down somewhere. But you don't. You swing your hips sideways and up and down. Tempo doesn't matter as it varies from tune to tune. The Shake and Bake- coming to a dancefloor near you.
Oh check her out!!! She's doing the Shake and Bake! Awesome!


Look at that ginormous Shake and Bake!!
by Mary December 18, 2003
When A Male Excretes Feces During Sexual Intercourse And The Female Simultaneously Has A Seizure.
John Showed Up At His Girlfriends House With Several Bran Muffins And A Strobe Light. He Knew Before The Night Was Over His Girlfriend Would Be The Proud Recepient Of A Little Thing Called "Shake and Bake".
by LE & SJ™ February 09, 2008
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