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Pimped out 60's - 80's van usualy comes with a couch, waterbed, strobe lights, lava lamps. Used for the specific purpose of getting laid and/or high.
I love my shaggin wagon. It's McFreakin Pimp.
by WaCha McWang December 06, 2003
Any of the various Station Wagons with small motors and folding down rear seats.. commonly used for fucking
Man... she got with him in his shaggin wagon
by Falcon February 23, 2004
a 1992 blue dodge caravan found in downers grove illinois which is used for transportation of many passengers and also is used for fucking
look there goes petey in his shaggin wagon
by peteyrex June 22, 2008
a piece of feces RV or station wagon (especially surfer wagons) covered in bumper stickers, with paint missing. usually driven by white trash who use it as a love mobile.
Look at that shaggin' wagon!
by SeaShanty May 07, 2005
an mini van your parents drive that you are embarassed to be seen in.
last nite we went to town in my moms shaggin wagon
by eightynine January 02, 2007
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