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(v.) The act of having sex
We were shaggin all night long!
by Jessica November 23, 2004
Chillen, or laying around not doin nun
Someone:"wyd" You:"shaggin
#chillin #bored #nun #layin around #not doin nun
by jjones 😍💞 May 10, 2015
a very rare breed of mammal with staggering looks.
sometimes feels the need to dye certain body hair blonde, normally when a shaggins has found a bottle of bleach. a shaggins natural habitat is in the rural areas of certain yorkshire towns. its diet consists of coffee, tea and bezzins.
tom: look theres a shaggins
cal: wow, do you think he wants to come air softing with us?
shaggins: (grunt)
#shagmeister #shaggins #shag-a-mon #bag shag #bagga dagga shagga bag
by calum_1991 November 05, 2007
Shaggin - The term "Niggahs" backwards.
Those people are shaggin. / nigger
#nigger #nigga #black #shaggin #shag
by Sonii January 23, 2011
a lankey, probably homosexual bellend (usually male) who sports a badly styled mohican. Usually lives in the ghetto, rarely washes and looks like a tramp. Dosnt have much look with the opposite sex, and can't play a guitar for shit.
That shaggins of the ghetto has dyed his hair blonde the bellend!
#shag #bagadoo #bagend #bagashag #wankbag #tosspiece
by Bob Newbie November 24, 2007
shaggin as in to be shagged!
i was out saggin last night. or she was a great shag.
by Paul December 21, 2003
Shajan Thomas
shaggin is really cool
by FunkMasterFlex May 05, 2003
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