Basically when something is shagged it is totally fucked and not worth fixing!
"the car is shagged"
"uve shagged that one up!"
"I used it until it was totally shagged"
by Ruzz5000 November 23, 2006
Top Definition
The same thing as fucked. But in the u.k they say shagged.
I shagged that girl i met at the club last night.
by Anonymous March 20, 2003
fuckin tired; beat
"Just got back from the game, I'm shagged."
by toni April 16, 2003
tired or warn out
after sports or a long tiring day.
by steph May 07, 2003
When something is boring, overused or generally shit it is referred to as 'shagged'

This often replaces the more commonly used 'gay'
e.g "man this algebra stuff is gay, why do i need to learn this shit?!"
Guy 1 : Duuude, drainpipes are so shagged man. your such a sheep!

Guy 2 : Dude! i so am not, it's cool man.

Guy 1 : Whatever, they're shagged!
by Jayleigh February 01, 2008
to do somthing quikly
Yo dude I was bein' chased by the cops so I shagged as back to my place.
by Raizen May 14, 2007
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