a pretty freakin cute guy who can always make you smile. he's a big teddy bear :)
dang, whose that?
by GAPgirl February 23, 2010
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the sexiest girl you'll ever meet. shes fun beautiful and loves to hook up. get to know her.
guy: DAAAAMM! look at that shae! id tap that!
by shae-marie May 22, 2009
A normal okay looking girl but a total pot head, she LOVES drugs and definatley had done weed numerous times.
She loves to party and have a good time but sometimes goes a little too wild. She is fun to be around but some people just dont like her. Very Fun, Very Misunderstood, Very High.
Dude 1- Hey have you seen Shae
Dude 2- Yeah she was smoking a joint across the street
Dude 1- Drugs are bad mkay.
by HashSlingingSlasher123 December 12, 2010
Usually someone who dose not know when to shut up, also usually has problems with growth in all regions and is also usually a really desperate person who seeks attention from anywhere
Guy1: Oh my god, did you see that argument Shae had?

Guy2: No i diddnt, is she really after that much attention?
by LPD673 April 12, 2010
Usually a short girl, who may have trouble growing in a variety of areas on her body.She isn't very ugly, but isn't exactly gorgeous. She often feels like the ugly friend. Semi-confused about her religion. Shae's can have boy trouble sometimes and are better at giving advice than following it. She can be very clingy and attached at times to close friends when at social events, only because she's afraid of not being accepted. She usually texts first, is not very self-confident, and is an amazing friend who sticks up for everyone. She can be annoying at times, but you should definitely have a Shae in your life.
Girl 1: Ugh, that girl is so annying and clingy.
Girl 2: No, she's just a Shae. She's a great friend.
by lechuga.mom August 02, 2014
Originated in New Zealand.
Used as Australian slang for the meaning "Perfection"

Usually indicated towards females.
Person 1: "Your perfect to me, in my eyes"
Person 2: "So your saying Im Shae?" *smiles*


Person 1: "what do you think of cake?"
Person 2: "that was Shae!"
by srcahcmhiadetl July 26, 2011
Mixed cutie. usually has big titties and is well known in the hood. real cool, down to earth kind of chick. kind of like a college girl. nice smile. smart, but freaky. Not a ho though. Chick you'd take home to meet ya fam.
"On God, I'm tryna get with that Shae right there."
"Did you see that Shae at the club last night?"
"You can't pull that Shae!"
by Cali's Johnny Boi May 06, 2010
Shae is pretty and has problems understanding when to shut up and is not the sort of person you want to piss off. She is a great person when you get to know her but you have to take the time to do so.
Shae is a great friend and will always have your back no matter what. She has a fiery nature despite what she may look like. She may look cute as a button but be as fierce as a tiger. Despite all of this she can be really sensitive and emotional even though she may not always show it.

Guys if you are lucky enough to meet a shae you will either love her or hate her like marmite. She is defiantly one to hold onto and is worth the risk that she comes with.

Shae is smart and not one to be taken for granted. She is pretty but often overlooked she is the sort of girl who sails through school with little problems but isn't one to shy away from trouble and often finds herself in the middle of it.
Guy "hey whose that girl"
Girl "that bitch arguing"
Guy "no the pretty one arguing"
Girl "that's the same one its a shae"
by Shae_2014 March 03, 2014

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