The best. No questions asked.
It's a common misconception that Jesus was killed by Romans, he actually left on his own because he knew that he'd have to compete with Shae to be the best, and didn't want to lose.
by Baygonus July 26, 2011
Mixed cutie. Real cool, down to earth kind of chick. kind of like a college girl. nice smile. smart, but freaky. Not a ho though. Chick you'd take home to meet ya fam.
"On God, I'm tryna get with that Shae right there."

"Did you see that Shae at the club last night?"

"You can't pull that Shae!"
by ThaaaaaaaaatGirl November 20, 2013
a pretty freakin cute guy who can always make you smile. he's a big teddy bear :)
dang, whose that?
by GAPgirl February 23, 2010
Pretty much the most epic fiddle player to ever walk the earth, and is the best friend of the most epic bass player in Pennsylvania.

She loves Gettysburg, Pennsylvanian Bass Players, and getting whacked in the face by slightly off-course footballs.
Boy- "Look at that girl! She is an epic fiddle player, and I think that is the most epic bass player in PA that she is talking to! She is in Gettysburg!"

Girl- "She is SUCH a Shae!"
by that epic bass player from PA March 05, 2010

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