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The act of pretending to purchase an alcoholic beverage for an attractive woman and in turn drinking the beverage instead.
"Dude, I'm so glad we SgtMcHammerfisted those girls"
-Guy 1

"No joke, those bitches only wanted us for the free drinks"
-Guy 2
by Billsef November 26, 2011
24 2
The act of ordering shots for others then drinking all of them.
Girl: Will you buy me and my friend a shot?

SgtMcHammerfist: Sure! *orders three shots. Drinks all three* You just got SgtMcHammerfist'd bitches!
by Jason Segel November 25, 2011
10 0
The act of denying a gorgeous female/group of females a request on behalf of their hotness.
Hot Girls: Hey, do you guys wanna buy us some shots?
Guy#1: Yeah! Sure!
Guy#2: (To Bartender) Hey, Buddy! Four Shots!
*Bartender pours 4 shots
*Guy#1 hands Guy#2 two shots and they each take two shots in front of the Hot Girls
Guy#1: You've just been SgtMcHammerfisted!
Hot Girls: Wah!
*Guy#2 high-fives Guy#1 and the Bartender lols and gives them free beers
by killa kapowski November 25, 2011
9 0
The act of buying drinks for attractive girls, then drinking them yourself or with a bro.
I was out at the bar with my friends and a pair of rather attractive women came up to talk to us. Immediately they ask us to buy them shots. I finally had the chance of a lifetime, so I bought 4 shots, gave 2 to my buddy and we took both shots in front of them. The bartender high-fived us and gave us a free beer. SgtMcHammerfist'ed
by SgtMcArdman November 26, 2011
5 0