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To give you best on something, to reach your pinnacle
The third marking period book project was really my Sgt. Pepper but I still got a C-.
by Ajhawk47 June 02, 2008
29 8
1.) Short for the Beatles album Sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band.

2.) The best album of a band.
Too bad their first album was already their Sgt. Pepper's.

'Harvest' is Neil Youngs Sgt. Pepper's. - You serious? 'After the Gold Rush' is!
by Schmierwurst November 12, 2008
12 1
The almighty Penis of Penises. One look at this magnificant specimem will make you contimplate suicide over how little it makes you look. Rumored to be 17 feet long and 2 feet wide, this beast of pleasure is only found in one part of the world, and only one is allowed to use it.
Guy one: I just saw a freakin monster!!
Guy Two: Where!?
Guy one: In the locker room!!
Guy two: Oh that thing on Adrian? Thats just what his girlfriend calls Sgt.Peppers i heard
by Sgt.Peppers451 September 02, 2010
1 5