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a disease or illness passed through sexual intercourse, exchange of bodily fluids. one partner must have the condition to pass it on. sex, oral sex, anal sex, kissing, or any type of touch from open area to open area can connect to abstract one. more commonly known as an STD
Ben passed on AIDS which is an Sexually transmitted disease.
by Siddalee February 07, 2003
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we can't just fuckin well get on with sex can we

and even kissing can give u diseases, wtf has this world come to, so now we have to have a big chunk of rubber beetween it all to stop us dieing of something that was probably fucking well made up

dosen't anyone think it's a take piss
stupid sexually transmitted disease why can't i do what i want!!!!
by DJ SPYKERZ(SCOUSED OUT) December 05, 2009
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