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One who partakes in Sexting.
Steve : What did my girlfriend text you last night!?

David : Psh. I'm not telling you, but that girl is one strange Sexter.
by Lousy-David March 17, 2009
When an episode of the Showtime series Dexter is so good, it's better than sex.
Yeah I skipped hanging out with Molly tonight cause the season finale of Dexter is on. It's gonna be so Sexter.
by nuggetsucker February 17, 2011
Someone who sends nude pictures to others through a text message.
Bob: Did you see those titty pics that Susie sent to Fred?!

Timmy: Dude, I know! Susie is such a sexter!
by ADeWitt January 16, 2009
sexy nerd-boy; kid who's into WoW, and other really nerdy games
Have you seen Sexter today? Nerd-boy's looking fiiiine.
by jimbohix November 11, 2009
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