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A woman (usually), who can go for long periods without sex in the same manner that a camel can go for long periods without water. She stores it up. Maybe in her breasts, but this is undetermined.
I only get to sleep with my wife once a month. She's a total sex camel.
by Pericalina November 13, 2003
A mythical being that can go extended periods without sexual activity. The legend states this being is the offspring of a virgin human and a camel giving it its sexless superpowers. There have been several documented sightings of the mythical creature. Most of them originating out of Welland, Ontario.
"I wonder if that guy Isaac will ever get laied? man hes such a sex camel"

"Isaac will never get laied!, hey you guys don't think he is the mythical sex camel"
by MC lo standadz October 26, 2008
A stuffed camel on wheels delivered at impromptu points during a party. Revellers are invited to face fuck or drink strong spirits from its anus.
"bring out the sex camel!"
by biff k January 08, 2015
someone who can go long periods of time without sex
what are you, a sex camel? You haven't had sex in 2 years!
by ThisReallyHappened June 25, 2014
Sex camel (n.) Somebody that can go long periods of time without resorting to late night creeps, unsavory bars, and dirty pirate hookers. Although rare, the sex camel does exist. He is usually found doing outdoor activities and taking long cold showers. Often his dreams are sexual in nature. In theory, he is the ideal boyfriend, but in reality, he is just somebody girls use to make assholes mad.
"I tried to wait with her and be a sex camel and it totally backfired. Now she is sleeping with Wes."
by Salty dog October 22, 2013
The rare sex toy in the shape of a Camel. Discovered by Tupac in a small pawn shop in north africa, it was stolen after his death.
I heard that Sex Camel increses sexual pleasure by 500 percent.
by Shu November 14, 2003
There are two definitions to this phrase.

1. Someone who can go with a good hard shag for a long time, like a camel can go a long time without water.

2. Someone who likes to humg a lot.
Fuck yeah baby! I'm a sex camel, now lets hump!
by Julio Von Janitor August 16, 2007
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