1) a guy is fucking a girl from behind

2) the male will yell "ready"

3) at this time you have some of your buddies hiding in closets/behind places or under places

4) when they hear you say "ready" they will all pop out and run around making their way to the door

5) the man has to hold on and be "in" for the whole 8 seconds in order to count.

*extra style points* have one hand on girls waste and the other in the air like in a real rodeo.
Man 1) what did you do this weekend?
Man 2) ha ha ha pulled off a sex rodeo with my girl.
Man 1) No way...
Man 2) I swear, ask the guys they were all in it!
by Hambone 27 September 23, 2009
Top Definition
A tender action of loving where the man gets behind his beloved in the Donkey position, enters her rear orifice,
reaches around, grabs a tit, whispers in her ear, "Your sister is tighter" and holds on for dear life.

If the man can hold on for more than 8 seconds, he wins a giant belt buckle.
O'san Walker: "Where'd ja git that black eye?"

O.D. Cleaver: "I rode me a sex rodeo with Mary-Lou last night."
by Ragin' Pope Angus April 01, 2004
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