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The act of doggy style coitus, where, approaching the climax, the male participant remarks "Your sister likes this way, too". He then starts the clock to see how long he can stay on.
Buck managed 27 seconds of rodeo sex with Annalise. He would, alas, never ride her again.
by Duckorange October 18, 2006
To repeat somebody else's joke (usually on social media) in the hope of claiming the credit for yourself. Named after Keith "Cheggers" Chegwin, whose Twitter output has a high proportion of cheggered jokes.
"That joke you told - you cheggered it straight off Ricky Gervais"
by Duckorange March 17, 2016
Acronym: Right Pain in the Ass, used in the computer service industry to describe anybody who doesn't work in the computer service industry
"That's the third time that user's reported the same fault. He's turning into a RPITA"
by Duckorange June 10, 2008

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