weed Smoking idiot
Seth is a weed smoking idiot cunt
by hidgjkl March 02, 2015
An extremely cool, and sexy person. It definitely not gay, and has a very large penis, is friends with Mitchel who is a faggot. He is Extremely Bitchin, and Seth has a very charming and electrifying personality.

He is a pimp... enjoys pimpin out to bitchez. Enjoys wearing hot sunglasses and dresses nicely. (Not to mention extremely wealthy and generous.) He appears in several movies, and also functions as a highly popular rock star. He is a bad ass pimp who will rape your wife and murder your children, and will make you watch.
Ben: Please! Seth! Don't shoot me!!!! Please!!
Seth: FUCK (*Shoots Ben*) YOU!!
by Steven"stevie"Baker February 02, 2012
A shaved scrotum also known as manscaping.

A seth is very into weight lifting and protein drinking. he will often be caught flexing different muscles at diffrent time given diffrent word command. Example" when i say "popcorn" seths glutious maximus goes into a samba. All the suppliments cause him to lose muscle control especcially in the pelvic region. often times he will go into fits of pelvic thrusts while doign the richardson.

A seth is also a person who will take your mom out on a date and not call her the next day.

A seth is prone to "bro-love" which consists of listening to jack johnson and drinking "nati" ice while playing game cube.
"i seth'd my gential this morning

"feel my smooth seth"

"i seth'd you while you were drunk last night, How'd that taste!
"you welcome"

Hey im seth, im going to take your mom out on a date and not call her"
by lassieloowho November 18, 2011
One of the most clever occurrences of douchebags, a Seth will often flirt with many girls, and gents even, until they like him solely for the thrill of "the chase." He initially will be suave and charming, but it is not long until his true pansy colors are made evident. Seths are huge posers, drive fruity cars, wear grungy hipster band clothes, are usually musically gifted, and have vivid, cold, blue eyes. Seths tend to be huge pushovers and lack conviction. They use ridiculous slang in order to fit in with legitimately chill folks. Ladies, beware!
Woahh there, watch out. You're pulling a Seth!
by buttercupisback June 29, 2011
A total assbutt. Don't go near this guy.
That assbutt Seth, was cheating on me the whole time.
by Xdemon_slayerX January 18, 2014
A Stupid Spaz Boy Who Is Not Cool And Has Anger Issues.
And Has A Hitting Problem And Thinks He Can Do What ever He Wants.And Crys If He Dosent Get His Way.
Stacy: Whos That Boy Throwing A Temper Tantrum Cause He Is Not Getting His Way??
Joanne:Oh Thats Just A Seth.
by BAcon Butts January 22, 2012
total dumbass who would break a heart in a heart beat, if he had one.
i cant believe he dumped you like that. what a seth.
by Girly 005 October 30, 2011
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