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Creation of stoned minds.
*takes a hit* ok theres gonna be this big yellow bird right. *smokes some more* and hes gonna talk to all the lil boys and girls.
by KyRo October 12, 2004
The best kids' show ever; it could run rings around Barney,Maisie, and Max and Ruby!
Sesame Street is a classic
by Shawn B. July 14, 2003
A show that is watched by 4 year old kids and stoned teenagers.
"I smoked a 3-rizla spliff the other day, and watched sesame street for 8 hours"
by Anon April 25, 2005
the best MOTHERFUCKING kids tv show that first aired in the mid 70sto today and will air TOMORROW.
i first what that show when i was like 2 years old now im 21I still tend to watch sesame street not caused im tweaked, cause theres nothing bettet on tv in the morning other than a bunch of stupid talk-shows or soap operas.
by jackson, j May 01, 2006
A PBS show that was worth watching when they had the pinball song and Teeny Little Super Guy. In the 80's the show was still filled with a lot of the trippy imagery left over from the 70's.
I used to eat cottage cheese and watch sesame street in my grandma's basement. Now I have friends.
by ILoveThom'sChickenDance December 01, 2003
In Poker, a straight consisting of Ace-two-three-four-five.

This obviously comes from the TV Show Sesame Street, which helps preschoolers learn to count.
You've got two pair, but I've got Sesame Street.
by Ron Palmer March 23, 2005
A babysitter
15 year old mother: I'll just set little Timmy in front of Sesame Street then we can hit the mall!

15 year old skank: Okey dokey!
by Elitist January 26, 2004