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a sexy smart ass girl that kickass in the harry potter movies.
i would like to have some of that pussy, hermione
by jackson, j May 02, 2006
the best MOTHERFUCKING kids tv show that first aired in the mid 70sto today and will air TOMORROW.
i first what that show when i was like 2 years old now im 21I still tend to watch sesame street not caused im tweaked, cause theres nothing bettet on tv in the morning other than a bunch of stupid talk-shows or soap operas.
by jackson, j May 01, 2006
A Cable-TV channel that used to kick ass when i was in the 4th grade/9 years old.bout a year later it started to suck and as of toiday totally sucks ass. GUTS and Legends of the Hidden Temple was my shows back in the day. now that im 21 theres nothing but gay cartoons on all day. the only good thing bout this channel now is Nick at Nite. This may as be a regukar-Tv channel.
Nickelodeon kicked ass back then, today it sucks ass
by jackson, j May 01, 2006
A legal stimulant that is found in coffee, soft drinks and energy drinks and there is the pill form. Normally ingested in drinks but can be swallowed in the pill form or the pill can be crushed to powder for snorting and even cases of "slamming". Caffeine is as strong as amphetamines but does not cause wicked behavior as, cocaine, meth or other drugs but too much caffeine at one time can get a person high and can "tweak" a person out.
Pepsi, mtn dew, coffee, monster drinks all contain caffeine. Too many monster's can twack a person out.
by jackson, j May 25, 2006
a song composed by Bill haley & the comets in 1956. it is a great song and is rock n roll history.
see ya later, alligator, after while crocodile, dont u know u in my way now, cant u see u cramp my style.
by jackson, j May 02, 2006
the drug of choice nowadays in america that can make a person get high and make them feel real horny when smoked. Then again the person's dick wont get hard and the effects can last for hours or even days.

Last saturday i bought a half-tina worth of crystal meth then later that night i smoked it and i got a high and it made me real horny making me in search of a hook up on the streets.
by jackson, j April 25, 2006
a drug that is used to treat ADD in hyperactive children. Adults use the drug as a stimulant and is often abused. It is used like caffeine to keep a person awake, for energy, but often used in parties; in cases party and play. Workers, drivers, bikers, skaters, athletes, students often use this drug.
Common names, amphetamines, speed, whizz, shit, dope, tweak, etc etc
amphetamines taken by most ppl is used to stay awake like caffeine but hits the central nervous system and acts as dopamine.
by jackson, j May 25, 2006
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