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Letting your drunk best man to choose a name for your new born child.
- Yo bro, take some schnapps and then we're naming my son!
- No way! We played Serbian roulette when Optimus Prime was born. My wife wanted to kill me!
by Vojvoda Seselj January 09, 2012
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A Person, usually female, takes several slow to medium acting laxatives. Several males, usually four, then punch the bottom out of a chair and sit her down on it, placing themselves around the chair they take it in turns to place their heads under it for a set amount of time, usually around 10 to 20 seconds. Eventually the female will shit upon the head of one male meaning he is the looser. The other males will proceed to kick him in the groin area as he is being defecated upon.
Liz "Happy Birthday Johnny, as a special treat I brought some laxatives with me, now we can play Serbian Roulette"

Johnny "No freaking way, that is totally awesome, this is gonna be the best Birthday ever"

Matt "Sound frickin sweet, I hope I don't loose again, last time you guys kicked em in the crotch so hard I was pissing blood for a week"
by Sveti Spase May 22, 2009
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7 chambers loaded, only 1 empty.
Nikola: "Lets play Serbian Roulette, I go go first..."
by Dr Kreamler April 06, 2010
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