Seneca High School, first things first. Trucks out number the cars greatly. For about every lets say 100 trucks theres 3 cars. Full of hardasses. People run their mouths and have nothing to back it up. If you want to fight, you take it to the swamp. Battle it out mudslinging style with your lil old pickup truck. Racist. 65-85% of the school must seem racist. School cops are gay. They try to get people to rat out drug trafficing in school. The principals of the school try too hard to feel important. To achieve a high grade in any class you must first bribe your teacher with some free corn or something from your home farm stand. Everyone gathers at the town central of "Nixon's". School sport's teams need to transfer out of the high school division and into the middle school divisions. Obviously its too hard for them to compete at a normal level. Must give props to the school bowling team. Kidding. Since when to bowlers start to wear jock jackets almost like their varsity football players. Fake. Thats another thing thats a big issue in this school. Dont try to be something your not. Love is overated in this school. Most people have what i call "I think" relationships. I think he likes me. I think she likes me. If you must think then you obiviously have no clue. "LOVE is giving some one POWER to DESTROY you and trusting that they WONT." greatly overated.
"Statistics say that the trucks are taking over the world. If you own a pick up truck, you must go to seneca. Country music can be translated into terms of watching your dog, or your wife running off in the Texas sunset 'cause your white pickup truck is dirty."
by IM RICK JAMES BIATCH April 03, 2005
Top Definition
High School in Tabernacle, NJ. Over run with white kids, all from different cliques. About 4 black kids per grade. Stereotyped as a "Hick High School" when really the ratio of hardass to "hick" is 20:1. Full of potheads. Almost every member of Seneca has a cousin or other relative attending the high school. Most teachers are young, often flirt with students or are victims of flirtation/admiration. Currently has a kick-ass football team, completely owning every school in the district. 11-1 baby. that's unfinished business. TERRIBLE, AWFUL, TOTALLY HOPELESS BASKETBALL TEAM!!! Many people drive pick-ups to school, and there are a few the spoiled kids in their BMW's, Lexuses, Range Rovers, and Hummers. Altogether, not a bad school, just depicted as something terrible by Shawnee High School assholes who are upset their football team sucked this year. NO QUADS ARE DRIVEN TO SCHOOL.
"Who did you play yesterday at your basketball game?"
"Seneca High School."
"Did you lose?"
by shscheergirl March 18, 2007
A school in the tiny town of Tabernacle, NJ. Full of many clicks, one known as the "hardcore kids." They try to be hardasses, but they're just guys in tight girls jeans and flat brimmed hats. Shows are thier life, but they know nothing about shows. And most of all; you can't mosh for shit. Kicking back your legs and flailing your fists is getting you nowhere.
by eezyweezybreezy June 02, 2009
A school in south jersey that has a
1-9 football team. but other than that everyone here sooo much more laid back than all the tight ass shawnee ppl who all wear ambercomie and fitch every day as consider it as thier "comfortable clothes" and breed their football players. if it wasnt for shawnees football team the only good thing about them is their colors casue there way better than green and gold. we have very few sluts drugs and alcohol (may be because were a new shool) and i dont think i no 1 farmer in this school either so F*** off shawnee.
Seneca- yet to acheive good football record but our coaching staff will someday beat shawnee by the time i graduate from here.
by rudds April 14, 2005
A highschool in Tabernacle, New Jersey. The student count is a little over 1200 students. Only about 14 students are black. However, this school awesome enough for it's students to break at least one record every year and send a hitman to dropkick and set on fire anyone who thinks otherwise.
I go to Seneca Highschool, because it is awesome.
by Ruddz February 08, 2010
I high school just outside of erie, part of the wattsburg school district. Has the usual clicks, the football team kinda sucks, and the only kick ass thing there is the girls soccer team, which does ok in the district, but not great. Commonly referred to as (and is interchangeable with) "spedica" by students (mostly those who go there) but sometimes, its better to just take advanced classes (AP and CP) and avoid the dumbasses than be with the preppy douchebags that go to Collegiate Academy who think they are better than everyone else, when in reality, they are just well-connected.
"dude, where did you go to high school?"
Seneca High School
"oh... how are you a doctor then?"
i just took the smart classes.

"you going to collegiate?"
nope, sticking with spedica, i have no choice
by who else, but of course, me! August 21, 2010
A high school in South Jersey where the sports teams all have yet to achieve some sort of title, everyone knows everyone smokes pot and drinks but the teachers, there's about 300 white kids to every 1 black kid, confederate flags are seen more commonly then the American Flag, and big trucks, hunting and paintball are a common obsession.
Seneca is where the hicks go when it's too early for a beer.
by *x* March 01, 2005
Seneca High School is like every other highschool, with the acception of an unusual amount of stoners. Its full of people who want to be hicks, but aren't because this is NEW JERSEY. They don't get along with the wiggers because there should only be one group of posers per school. John Deere is a common logo throughout the student body, although the closest thing they've been to riding was a J.D lawnmower. Its a school where you know you have it good as long as your teachers are young, the school cops try so hard to seem important that they fail to DO anything important, you can get some pot easier than you can get a bathroom pass, your grades reflect only how much you care, everyone has something to prove, and a pit party is another way of asking someone if they like to get arrested.
"Hey look, its Seneca. Fuck it, Sequoia is more fun."
by K to the OC April 01, 2005
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