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A term given to large parties held in gravel pits around Northwestern Ontario. Usually vehicles are scattered around with a centralized bonfire. Gravel pits, known to be removed from residential areas, allow music to be cranked and partiers are less likely to be caught.
Hey! There's a pit party out on the Jones (road).
by kittydoyle September 20, 2010
1.A party held at a public fire pit, usually in a park.
2.A party held in a park. see bush party
3.A party held at someones fire pit

Hey, whos having the pit party this weekend?
by Jesse carter September 18, 2005
a party held in a sand/gravel pit (used for quads and dirtbikes) people ride out on quads. Usually a lot of drinking and music
Let's go to a pit party.
by ayo7685 December 04, 2012
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