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One of the utmost respected high schools in America and has been named the #2 high school in PA for many years. It is known for it's extreme nerdom and it's ASL team who are considered the elites of the school by the administrators, but in reality no one really cares about them.
Billy: Hey Tommy i just got accepted to Collegiate Academy!
Tommy: That's great, you just proved you are a nerd.
Billy: Well at least i won't end up working at Taco Bell for the rest of my life like the central kids.
Tommy: That's true.
by CA nerd February 12, 2009
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Up until recently Northwestern Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy (see Collegiate Academy ) was a swell school. It was high ranking, and in 2010 was the number 1 school in Pennsylvania. It was known for it's many nerds and excellent ASL team. That is, until recently, because on February 25, 2011, David Rinke II was arrested for possesion of child pornography, it was a tragic blow to the school, but they began to recover, until just shy of one month later, on march 24, 2011, David Montgomery was arrested for molesting 3 young boys. So basically, a Collegiate Academy is a premiere thing that has degraded into a moral-less filth-haven.
Ralph: Do you remember how Melvin used to do great in school and graduated summa cum laude?

Carlito: Yeah! He's probably doing great for himself!

Ralph: Actually, he's hit rock bottom, and is doing drugs and molesting children!

Carlito: Ah man, he's such a collegiate academy.
by NPCAStudent March 24, 2011

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