(1) A person you can take advantage of. Also a person you can get to do stupid things. these people are usually really thirsty for some attention.
(2) a task you can give someone so they can leave you alone
"we should get the send off to blow this line of peper."
"motherfucker told me the wrong address, he was straight up trying to send me off"

by SEKT January 19, 2006
Top Definition
A person that cannot make up their mind, This person usually gives you misguided information in an atempt to temporarily satisfy all parties involved in making any kind of plans.
Jamal: What are we doing tonight?
Tron: I don't know.. I'm still wating to hear back from Pookie...
Jamal: It really doesn't matter what he wants to do because that nigga is probably going to send off anyway!
by Jamal Woodman November 16, 2006
One who sends you on a blank mission.
One who misguides or misdirects.
Dude, you told me Chucky Cheese was on 15th, but it was really on 19th. You're a motherfuckin' send off.
by 2014_chiguy October 15, 2006
Something or someone that is misleading.
Me: What happened? I thought we were going out last night...

You: Man I had to go do this thing....

Me: Aw you a send off!!!!
by Reel Talk March 22, 2010
it is a rejection of sorts. between a "turn down" and a "fuck you." It originated in Minneapolis, MN as a way for "Minnesota Nice" people to reject those around them without creating offense, when it does indeed offend people.
Boy: "Ohhh gossh this is so good, mmm you like that baby?"

Girl: "I wish you were bigger, it's not hitting the right spot."

Boy: "SEND OFF!"

Friend 1: Hey Kala, how are you doing?

Friend 2: (Looks away acting as if she never heard you and walks away)

Friend 1: "SEND OFF!"

Creeper: Hey Rosa, what are you doing over Thanksgiving break?

Rosa: ummmm. Nothing. I am going to be so bored, there is absolutely nothing to do at all at home.

Creeper: Do you want to go to the movies then?

Rosa: You know I have so much to do- laundry, watching grass grow, organizing dry goods, etc. I am just not going to have time.

Creeper: SEND OFF!
by The man who was sent off! November 25, 2008
A female who gives out positive signals for sex. But, immediately takes back previous statements/actions and proceeds to friend zone the male.
Emma Knudtson is a total sendoff
by taterz406 February 15, 2015
A person who lies to you and drives you into doing something that is wrong, stupid, or a bad idea.
Morgan: "hey you should get a mega bowl haircut"
Gloria: "um no thatd be terrible, you Send Off!"
Morgan: "haha i know i was just seeing if youd actually do it"
by MOJOJOJO93 August 18, 2010
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