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An arabic name. Meaning sword.
Hi, My name is Seif.
by urbancreator September 05, 2011
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Seriously Epic Insane Fucktard
SEIF because Zone w Kabanos
by suluclac November 15, 2011
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Short for Seifer, as in Seifer Almasy of Final Fantasy VIII.
Raijin: Yo, Seif, Fujin wants you, ya know!
by Wafflespazz April 03, 2005
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a cool lit guy whos useually really tall and is funny around certain people
a fish swam by seif or sef and it smiled
by 12233 fun November 11, 2016
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Proper Noun:

1. A cool Texan that's really random and writes fics. He has an overactive imagination and sense of humour. He wants to see Chris Slinger burn in hell. Trailmon make him randy. He is insane and thinks Patamon is real, when he is just a cardboard cutout. Eh, insanity is r0xX0r anyhow. He's a great friend. He plans to spread the gospel of SnS to everyone, and convert them into crazed cultists. ...yeah, that's horrible. Anyways, great guy, likes catgirls, hamsters, Haros, and Ryoko, and has his own spaceship. I haven't been in it. Fucking cheapass, I don't want to pay rent.

2. A insane person who plays FFXI too goddamn long. ;.;

3. Uhm...verb: to seif, as in, to go crazy and start seeing Digimon.
Seif is a kickass person.

Stop being such a Seif, Rose Angel!

I Seifed and saw PicoDevimon.
by KS, God of Evil April 04, 2004
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