a slang term meaning marajuana that one would use so nobody knows that you're talkin about marajuana
"Yo J Dubs, we gonna play sega tonight?"
"hell yeah man we're gettin blazed tonight"
by Big Easy October 07, 2005
Italian for male masturbation.
Farsi ung sega "To cum on oneself"
by Oh Desu June 19, 2005
Subependymal Giant Cell Astrocytoma (brain tumor)
Fuck I have a Sega

or Sega is always on my mind!
by Tremulator December 04, 2006
music originating from the small island of Mauritius. very popular and great to dance to. similar to soca.
hits include, nacho betty and tourne li tourne
by renegade May 11, 2005
Greatest console/game/arcade developer/publisher in history, Never has, and never will, any company achieve such massive greatness and acclaim in so many ventures and on so many formats.

Often said to be the victim of its own mistakes, which is only half-true. After SEGA went third-party, it turned its profits around and became a massively successful company on the verge of extending that success and profit margin to its home development.

In truth the victim of a back-stabbing, immoran parent company, CSK; who behind closed doors sold out SEGA to the most hostile (and Yakuza-linked) parasite ever - Sammy corporation, headed by Satan's spawn, Hajime Satome. In october 2004, SEGA was dissolved anmd its assets made part of SSL, a new holding company which in truth is Sammy whoring SEGA's name on its subpar garbage in order to make it sell. Darkwatch and Spy Fiction are two examples of this trash which drags down SEGA's name. The more outspoken and independent developers have already left SEGA after Sammy, saying that SEGA as they loved it no longer existed; great minds such As Rikiya Nakagwa, Tetsuya Mizuguchi, and others. Sonikku-Team's Yuji Naka has always been resentful of Sammy - as has SEGA"s entire former executive board, which rejected numerous overtures from the yakuza-linked pachinko mafia company before - and has stuck with 'SEGA' as it is now out of his extreme loyalty and devotion, but sooner or later he and the lieks of Yu Suzuki will leave. They will only be able to take their beloved franchises being raped and molested - Sonic into pachinko, Shenmue into online nonsense - so much.

SEGA is also the victim of general bias and hate from both the gaming 'media' and 'gamers' in general; both of whom are indoctrinated to believe Nintendo is the be-all and end-all of gaming creativity when in truth Mityamotyo'd creative output is dwarfed by ay one SEGA development stidio and slaughtered by Yu Suzuki alone. When companies such as RARE and UbiSoft are sold or sell-out, these typical sheep are up in arms. When SEGA was literally raped, butchered and murdered slowly by Sammy, nary a word from the press or the 'gaming' community, which is proof positive of the incapability of the majority of humans to care for the right cause or see the suffering of the innocent, as well as blight over and ignore the evil of the powerful. SEGA's death is a micricosm of the situation in Occupied Palestine, Tibet, Aceh, et al. SEGA's death is proof that humanity is pathetic.

SEGA will live forever in the hearts of true gamers but is never easy to forget the violent rape and death of those you love. May SEGA be avenged and Sammy's yoke burned.
Pioneer in arcade techonology and its leader to this day and in home console development and game content; ie Samba de Amigo, Virtua Fighter, Dreamcast.
by Imran DeRoy January 27, 2005
Unofficially synonymous with "SEGA Genesis," possibly because of SEGA of America's renaming to Genesis from the Megadrive, possibly to promote Sega in America better...or something.
Random Friend/Acquaintance: "Hells yea Sonic's the man; I played that all the time on SEGA"

Me: "Schwaa?! SEGA what?"

Random Friend/Acquaintance: "Y'know, SEGA..."

Me: "Genesis? Saturn? Throw me a bone here."

Random Friend/Acquaintance: "The hell's a Saturn? Is that new?"

Sure enough we get to their house and lo and behold--a Genesis.....
by Bea. March 19, 2007
Sega is a term that white people can call each other since its the white mans nigga.
Dude is on the street sees his home boy he goes up to him so he goes wut up nigga.

So since i'm white I can't say Nigga. If u have ever played Sega genesis all the games go Seggggaaa if u go N****A it sounds the same. So sega is the white mans n***a.

I see my man on the street I go yo wut up SEEEGGGAAA.

by Ron Sega1 September 06, 2007
Getting really really high. Comes in three forms: Sega, Super Sega, and Third Person Sega.
Yo slave bizzle what we doin tonight??

Shit i dont know lets get fucking sega!
by Dustin Hise October 20, 2006

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