to meet up for a sexual encounter in the work restroom.
Hey, come see me at five.
by john12345678901 September 24, 2009
A substitute for "You know what I'm sayin'?" or, "You dig?".
Dawg I need a job real bad sees?
by murmurk June 11, 2008
a Male who is having sexual relations with his female partner while he is standing and holding her in the air has his hands on her shoulder while his inner elbows are supporting her weight on the back of her knees
to do "the Sees" you must have good stamina and be somewhat strong enought to hold her up in this position
by Danwithaplan September 01, 2008
the sound an eyeball makes
SEEEEEEEEEEE! SEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! isn't that the sound...umm... eyeballs make?
-->Homestar Runner
by The Wraith October 31, 2003
to perceive something with your eyes.
see my beautiful big cock!
by wrongsideoftheprism August 24, 2003
the water in the ocean?
the sea is cool
by Emma May 29, 2003

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